A therapeutic space that offers free short term talking therapy for adults, young people and families

in East London 

How does it work: The Counselling Space is a once-a-week, Tuesdays only, therapeutic service that has been created for the East London community and aims to support all who wishes to access it.

Sessions are free, there is an initial assessment and registration session which can be arranged by filling the form below or calling our lead Counsellor also on the form.  

How can therapy help me: Therapy isn’t a must in our lives. It is said in therapy that those who have been equipped with sufficient nurturing, love and acceptance in young age tend to grow to become emotionally self-sufficient adults and where those nurturing qualities are absent in our early years, we then tend to learn and develop coping mechanisms and cycles- not always healthy or beneficial to us- that we use in order to be accepted or to fit in.​


Therapy is not about changing you but instead offering you an interrupted space to find resolutions to what really matters to you 

Simply put, it is a space where you will be listened without being judged, it is confidential, supportive and it will help you find what truly matters to you.


Therapists will not tell you how you should live life, they support you to hopefully help alleviate or find resolution to whatever it is that is causing you distress.

Areas where we can offer support  

Talking therapy can cover most areas that are affecting you, where there is the need for specialized, long-term support then The Counselling Space will discuss this with you and support you in finding the right place that meets your needs.

The following are some of the areas where we can offer support:

Anxiety and Stress


Anger Management


Family breakdown

Financial hardship





Sense of stuckness



Relationship struggles


Parenthood struggles

Domestic Violence


Sexual abuse

Childhood abuse

Body image


Type of services

Therapy for Adults


We offer one-to-one sessions for adults using the Person Centred therapy approach, meaning it puts the client at the centre of the sessions. 

Sessions can be in English and Spanish 

Therapy for Young People


We work with children and young people using variety of methods they choose and feel most comfortable with when accessing emotions.

We are trained to use play therapy, art therapy, storytelling and metaphore

Group & Family Therapy


We are trained and qualified to run family and group therapy facilitating therapeutic space where one-to-one sessions are not the preferred choice or where a group of people requires this service

How to access free therapy: Please note we open on Tuesdays and by appointment only

Submit your interest or request to find out more through our Contact us page

You can also find out more about the type of therapy we provide, our licence and the professional ethical framework our practice abides to, on About us