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Hi. Thanks for visiting my blog.
My name is Claudia, I’m a qualified trained MBACP Person Centred Counsellor and I lead The Counselling Space project in East London. Like millions worldwide, I too experienced emotional distress with chronic anxiety that lasted years, I experienced deep clinical depression, felt suicidal and practised self-harm.

Having crossed that bridge of pain as I like to call it, I now want to use my own experience to share it with you so that it can be of some sort of support in your healing journey.

My intention is not to make profit, to become the greatest writer (my grammar isn’t my strongest point anyway) or win the best blogger prize (not sure if that even exists)-my one and only intention is to use some of my experience and my now understanding of mental health to let you know two things:


a) you are not alone and b) you sure can overcome this- yes you can

I will not use difficult psychological language or speak from the third person. I’m aiming for my writing to be as honest and personal as I like people to treat me, so browse through the topics which most catch your attention and in them, you will find an honest discussion with suggestions on how to support your own healing journey. 
Remember that we are the reflection of our own upbringing, if you are not feeling 100% this doesn't mean you are a loser, a waste of space, or a nutter who should get its act together.

No- our feelings, behaviour and emotions come from a place of reference within us. The good news is that it is possible to change how we feel about ourselves, it's true we won't ever change what happened, but I can assure you we can learn to deal with it so that it liberates us to live more fulfilling lives.

If at this point you say I do not have time for this’ then I will openly challenge you to ask yourself this: 
Why is it that I do not or cannot spend five minutes of my entire day for myself?

What is it that is more important than me? 
If these questions already cause discomfort, then we are starting at a good place. I hope you find this blog useful. 

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